The Ubuntu Lab is creating and reinventing elements of public spaces (museums, libraries, forums, etc.)  to build an open and participatory place to learn about ourselves, each other, and our society


After 15 years of exploring the world, leading nonprofits, researching change, and designing learning experiences, Michael and Kristina Radke founded the Ubuntu Lab in 2012 with the intention of creating this new kind of museum dedicated to the public understanding of humanity. We saw that the biggest opportunities and biggest challenges society faces are rooted in our ability to understand, live, and work with one another. We are currently creating opportunities to prove that this concept is inherently learnable, and best learned in informal (i.e. non-classroom) environments. 


Our vision is to create a public space that creates and curates the kind of experiences described on this website, and combine that with a cutting edge educational R&D lab, and an institute to translate understanding into action.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ubuntu Lab, including what we've done, where we're headed, and how The Truth Exhibit fits into our plans please contact us